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License key free download AutoMapa 6.10b EU (2012)

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AutoMapa 6.10b EU (2012)

AutoMapa 6.10b EU Final (2012) | 2.81 GB
AutoMapa is the first satellite navigation system to feature 3D building visualisation in Polish and European towns and cities, making it the world's leading car navigation utility. Owing to its coverage of a comprehensive road network in Poland and the unique building address option, AutoMapa delivers unprecedented navigation precision on Polish and European roads.
Highly accurate city navigation maps, hundreds of thousands of precisely described Points of Interest (POI), a unique community of registered users of the service and Krzysztof Holowczyc's voice - those are the distinctive features of AutoMapa.
AutoMapa is the leader in introducing innovative solutions. As the first in Poland, it introduced the engine of bypassing traffic jams and unexpected road obstructions, known as AutoMapa Traffic.
AutoMapa 6.10b EU (2012)

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