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License key file Windows XP Core-USB 2012

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Windows XP Core-USB 2012

Windows XP Core-USB 2012 | 675 MB
Assembly based on the image of Windows XP SP3 Professional VL x86 Rus, includes critical updates on October 11, 2011, and the new oformlenie.Optimizirovana and accelerated as the installation of the system and the work itself of the necessary tweaks and adjustments.
The boot disk is designed primarily for a "clean" install from USB (in Bios on the menu Boot exhibit, First boot device-USB-HDD).
After installation of the assembly, the system is fully prepared to drive a major ispolzovaniyu.Na the necessary software and libraries. Small size (CD ROM 703Mb). A beautiful design. In the present multi boot DOS from a lot of tools for repairing the system, hard disk, the boot memory test, as well as packers and software for full screenshot bekapa.DOS all file systems FAT and NTFS.
Assembling stable! In fact it is a pure Windows XP, the system does not cut, altered, only graphics. Programs and additions made to the startup disk. After installation, you get a clean, stable, customized system without the junk!
- UpdatePack-XPSP3-Rus version 11.10.15
- Internet Explorer 8
- Windows Media Player 11
- LocalFix - Correction of errors of localization Windows XP SP3 Russian
- AHCI MassStorage - the driver drives (Processing step)
- UXTheme.dll - patched to install so do not sign
On the drive there:
- 7-Zip - file archiver
- AutoRunCleaner - utility to protect the flash drive from virus
- CCleaner - a utility for cleaning and optimization system
- Defragler - Disk Defragmenter
- Unlocker - unlock files utility
- Dllsfull - extra system libraries
- NET Framework 1.1 2.0 3.5 4.0
- DirectX 9 - graphics library for games
- Adobe Flash Player ActiveX and Plugin
- Additional applets in Control Panel
- Java SE JRE_1.6.0.27
- Micro-soft Visual C + 2005 2008 2010
- Paint.NET 3.5.9 - image editor
- Notepad 2 - Notepad replacement
- STDU Viewer - a program to read. Pdf and. Djvu files
- K-Lite-Codec-Pack Full 7.8.0 - a set of multimedia codecs
- DP_CHIPSET_SP.7z - Drivers for the chipset
- DP_LAN_SP.7z - Drivers for network cards
- DP_MassStorage_SP.7z - Drivers for storage devices
- DP_Sound_CMEDIA_SP.7z - Drivers for sound cards CMedia
- DP_Sound_SOUNMAX_SP.7z - Drivers for sound cards SounMax
- DP_Sound_REALTEK_SP.7z - Drivers for Realtek sound cards
- DP_Sound_VIA_SP.7z - Drivers for sound cards Via
- DP_Graphics_ATI_SP.7z - Drivers for ATI video cards
- DP_Graphics_NVIDIA_SP.7z - Drivers for NVidia graphics cards
- DP_Graphics_INTEL_SP.7z - Drivers for Intel video cards
After installation, run the autorun CD!
Examples of sounds
Examples of images
Unused Fonts
Unused BMP files
OOBE - is not true for the pro version
Introduction to Windows
- Boot from HDD
- Installation of Core-USB 11.10
- Loading Systems Dos
- Test of RAM
MD5: 1005D416816462274E807E8D649A5488
SHA-1: B3175820DD041EF665515D7A3AF1EF73DF626FBC
CRC32: F43DB6A1
I will check, If link dead, I will reupload at here
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