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Free registration code for Winstep Xtreme 12.2

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Winstep Xtreme 12.2

Winstep Xtreme 12.2 | 29 Mb
Winstep Xtreme - the substitution of the usual Windows shell with almost all the comfort features, which from time to time, too lacking in the usual shell. By installing you get in a little control modules (NextSTART, WorkShelf, FontBrowser, NeXuS), each of which performs a clear puzzle in the design of the shell and has its own set of original funktsiyay. For example the module NextSTART entirely change the diets of launch, taskbar and system notification area (system tray), with all this is not so much will change, but will allow you to take into service a large number of options that are not in a typical Windows Explorer Windows. Module WorkShelf considered a substitute for a desktop, FontBrowser - a comfortable font viewer, NeXuS - multi-level panel nimble access to the most frequently used additions.
NextSTART module completely replaces the Start menu, taskbar and system notification area (system tray), with not only replace, but will allow you to use a variety of settings that are not in the standard Windows. WorkShelf module is a replacement for the desktop, FontBrowser - handy viewer font, NeXuS - multilevel Quick access to frequently used applications. NextSTART - easy replacement of the start menu and taskbar, supports skins.
WorkShelf - Powerful, Multi-replacing desktop utility for launching applications and organizer for documents. WorkShelf can be used as an alternative to the standard desktop operating system. It has various modules - hours, able to synchronize the time via the Internet, weather forecasts, checking email, etc.
NeXuS - utility to run the necessary software that allows you to organize the most frequently used programs and place them in special docks.
FontBrowser - fast browser with a simple interface for easy work with fonts.
Winstep Xtreme has the following modules: talking atomic clock, cart, e-mail Files of the audit, monitor weather, Files of display of CPU, memory, and network sensors, and an impressive Files of Wanda Wanda. The latest modules added constantly.
The absolute change in appearance with those design
The addition of new panels, widgets and gadgets on the desktop
Integrated tool for organizing and cleaning ration "Run"
Support for Windows Vista and Windows 7
Unlimited flexibility and expansion of desktop space
Reduce mess on the desktop
Adding features the Windows 7 Taskbar in Windows XP or Vista
Absolute support for multiple monitors
Allows drag and drop icons in the Object Explorer pane, Winstep
Supports PNG, TIFF and ICO files for icons panels
Chance of passionate buttons
Multilingual interface with support for Russian language
To accommodate the required application or a folder on the panel by dragging the appropriate icon with the mouse. Allows you to create multiple docking panels, each of which will provide access to a specific set of applications. Panels can be stacked, in this case, when the cursor is displayed corresponding submenu or an extra set of icons.
To date, Nexus Ultimate - it's one of the most powerful, attractive and multi-docks, which has not only all of its features, but also includes widgets, when you hover over effects, skins, support for drag-and-drop, as well as a reflection of labels, background blur , support the task list and more. Absolutely Very versatile, Nexus Ultimate allows you to download hundreds of wallpapers from the Internet, and is fully compatible with the background pictures of other docks.
Download from Vip-file
Download from Letitbit

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